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Best Kamado bbq

With YAKINIKU, you go for the best Kamado grill with a luxurious black look and use of the very best materials. YAKINIKU is without a doubt the best brand of Kamado on the market. Check out the full range for the best-tested Kamado here.

Our Story

YAKINIKU® was born out of passion for fire and grilling. In 2014 it all started, we couldn’t find the ideal Kamado in the market. From then on, slowly but surely, what is now the best Kamado bbq was born. The search for the real original Kamado brought us to Japan, where the Kamado originated. We decided to develop an appliance for the European market. Some choices were easy, others a challenge. With a YAKINIKU Kamado, everything is made from thick 304 stainless steel, the ceramics are of the highest quality and the woodchipper is used as a new cooking technique. The choice of the very best materials makes YAKINIKU the best buy Kamado.

The YAKINIKU, which means grilled meat in Japanese, is the best Kamado grill following the traditional Japanese model. The oval shape of the Kamado ensures that the hot air circulates. Because you can accurately regulate the supply of oxygen in a simple way, you are in charge of the temperature in your Kamado. So you can grill your meat at a high temperature and let it cook further at a low temperature. The best-tested Kamado is made of 33 mm thick ceramic, so it retains the heat better than other Kamados. The advantage is that the charcoal consumption is 50 to 70 percent lower than with an open barbecue, where oxygen has free play. The YAKINIKU is the best price-quality Kamado choice.

YAKINIKU is the best brand of Kamado bbq. We’re proud of it. Have you already decided which Kamado suits you best? Shop now for the best price-quality Kamado.

De beste Kamado bbq bij jouw in de tuin.

Best Kamado bbq | Light it up

It is important that the best Kamado bbq is lit in the right way. We from YAKINIKU would like to help you with this!

Lighting the best tested Kamado

You start by filling the best Kamado grill of YAKINIKU with charcoal in the charcoal basket of the Kamado. Make sure that the charcoal does not fill above the edges of the charcoal basket. If you have used the best Kamado bbq before, it is important to shake the charcoal basket first. This ensures that all ash and dust falls from the old coals. These are ideal to light your coals with. With YAKINIKU, you go for the best Kamado price quality.

Next, use a burner or spread lighters between the coals. You can also use BBQ FLAVOUR wood wool fire lighters for lighting the best Kamado bbq. Avoid using liquid or solid chemical fire accelerants when lighting best Kamado grill. Heat the charcoal until a flame emerges, this process in the best buy Kamado bbq takes about 5 minutes. After this, close the lid of the Kamado and open the daisy wheel completely. You do the same with the vent slider underneath. By opening the vent slider more or less, you can further regulate the temperature when your best Kamado has reached 150°C. This is the moment when you want to open your grill. This is the moment when you place your grill grate and other accessories in your best buy Kamado. In the meantime, keep a close eye on the temperature of the best buy Kamado as it can quickly slip. If you want to cook at a low temperature, you should add little or no fresh charcoal. With too much charcoal, the temperature will become too high.

Did you know that the best Kamado bbq by YAKINIKU uses 70% less charcoal than a normal barbecue? This means less CO2 is released.

Mastertip from YAKINIKU

Use the leftover ash from your Kamado bbq best buy to help nature. The ashes from your Kamado are excellent for fertilizing your vegetable garden, fruit trees or lawn.

Now you are ready to light up your Kamado bbq. Check out the full range of the best buy Kamado bbqs here.

Heerlijke ingrediënten op de beste Kamado grill.

Best Kamado bbq | Temperature control

With the best tested Kamado from YAKINIKU, you can perfectly regulate the temperature. This makes the various preparations you can make infinite on the best Kamado grill. Curious about the full range of the best price-quality Kamado? Shop now.

Best Kamado grill temperature

Using the two air vents, you can set the temperature of your best Kamado grill. It is possible to reach temperatures of up to 350°C. You can think of 30 °C for cold smoking up to 300 °C when preparing pizzas on a pizza stone.

Ventilation slide

The ventilation slider at the bottom of your best Kamado bbq is provided with small holes. These are used for the rough setting of your temperature. This brings the best buy Kamado bbq for example to 100, 150, 200 or 300 ° C.


With the daisy wheel on top of your best buy Kamado, you can control the fine setting of the temperature. Do you want to raise the temperature a little? Then open the daisy wheel further. Do you want to lower the temperature? Then make sure you close the daisy wheel (further). When lighting the best Kamado bbq, open the ventilation disk at the bottom and the daisy wheel at the top to the maximum. When the thermometer indicates the desired temperature (usually between 150 and 200 °C), you should reduce the ventilation. You do this by putting the daisy wheel and ventilation wheel in the right position. The larger the opening, the higher the temperature.

After lighting, you can keep the coals “on low” or keep your dishes warm for a long time. To do this, close the daisy wheel completely and open the bottom draft door slightly. To keep food warm, the temperature of your Kamado bbq should be around 50°C.


When you work with higher temperatures on the best buy Kamado (from about 200°C) you should always let the lid “burp” carefully. By this we mean that you first open the lid a little bit, so that little air can get in. Then you can gently open the lid all the way. If the lid is opened completely straight away, oxygen will get to the accumulation of gas. This can lead to huge flare-ups in the best Kamado grill, also called backdraft.

You are now completely up-to-date on how to regulate your temperature on the best price-quality Kamado. View the full range of Kamado best buys here.

Heerlijke ingrediënten op de beste Kamado bbq.

Best Kamado bbq | Pro set

YAKINIKU is the best brand of Kamado and quality is our focus. From the LARGE and XLARGE Kamado model onwards, it is possible to use the pro set in your Best Kamado grill. The pro set is indispensable if you want to use your Kamado optimally. The pro set consists of various parts that help you to get the best out of your bbq experience. Shop now for the LARGE and XLARGE Kamado including the pro set.

Pro set

The pro set consists of a multilevel lift, 2 half-heat shields and 2 half-moon grids. The pro set is a multi-level system that allows you to flexibly arrange your best Kamado grill. So you can easily grill at the same time with direct and indirect zones. You split the best-tested Kamado in two, as it were. This allows you to place a heat shield on one side to protect your ingredient from the heat. The other ingredient can be cooked on the other side without a heat shield, with direct heat.

The multi-level lift also makes it possible to cook your food at different heights. In the multi-level lift, you can place your crescent grids at different heights. In this way, you can determine the distance between the charcoal and the grid on both sides and always achieve perfect cooking for each ingredient.

With the pro set, you have a good basis for getting the most out of your best Kamado grill. With the extra level grid for the pro set, you can also grill on a third level. This gives you even more grill surface area and more flexibility when cooking different ingredients at the same time.

Shop now for the LARGE and XLARGE Kamado including the pro set.


When you work with higher temperatures on the best buy Kamado (from about 200°C) you should always let the lid “burp” carefully. By this we mean that you first open the lid a little bit, so that little air can get in. Then you can gently open the lid all the way. If the lid is opened completely straight away, oxygen will get to the accumulation of gas. This can lead to huge flare-ups in the best Kamado grill, also called backdraft.

You are now completely up-to-date on how to regulate your temperature on the best price-quality Kamado. View the full range of Kamado best buys here.

De ventilatieschuif bovenop de beste Kamado bbq.

Best Kamado bbq | Low & slow

With the Kamados of the best brand Kamado, YAKINIKU, you can choose to grill low & slow. For this we would like to share some tips. View the full range of the best buy Kamado bbq here.

Low & slow

The most interesting pieces of beef or pork are usually also the toughest. A piece of pure fillet is very nice in structure, but has little flavour, because the muscle does not contain much fat and has been the least active. Entrecote or côte à l’os is much more interesting, because it contains much more fat. This gives flavour and protects the meat from drying out.

But for a real master griller, it becomes fun to prepare dishes with muscles that have been used intensively. These pieces are not edible raw or grilled for a short time, because they are much too tough. What do you do then? That is what you do. Very long cooking at low temperature in the best-tested Kamado. By remaining at low temperature for a long time, the tough fibrous structure and collagen in the meat slowly breaks down. The meat becomes super tender in this way. The advantage of cooking on the best Kamado bbq is that the added smoke will penetrate deep into the meat.

Also low & slow grill on the best Kamado bbq? View all models now.

Best kamado bbq | smoking

The best Kamado grill from YAKINIKU is perfect for adding a smoke flavour to your preparations. View the full range of smoking wood and wood chips here.

Smoking | Wood chips

Add wood chips to your burning charcoal to add a smoke accent to your hot dishes on the best tested Kamado. You can use wood chips dry or wet:

Dry wood chips will ignite very quickly and give short, intense smoke. Use them to add a hint of flavour to your dishes on the best price-quality Kamado. Ideal for smoked oysters or thin pieces of meat with a short cooking time. There is no need to use a heat shield with dry wood chips. For short, intense cooking in the best Kamado bbq, you want to make full use of the radiant heat of the charcoal.

Wet wood chips ignite much slower and will therefore give off smoke for a longer time, but less intensely. Use wet wood chips for longer cooking at lower temperature, where you give a shot of smoke at regular intervals. Think of thick pieces of meat or a whole chicken or fish on the ceramic Kamado. With wet wood chips, a heat shield is necessary to protect your ingredient from the direct heat of the charcoal.

Mastertip YAKINIKU

Choose your smoking wood carefully, because each type of wood has its own taste, intensity and burning time.

Japanse tafelgrill Shichirin.

YAKINIKU® Shichirin
“Beefing up the people”, the motto of the Japanese. Bringing people together with food and simply grilling on a traditional Japanese grill. A beautiful summer evening with family and friends together. The table is filled with good food and then it’s time to grill. A delicious evening programme in which your guests can enjoy a konro grill. A Shichirin is a compact and versatile table grill that you can easily take with you or move around at any time. With this grill, we can enjoy and create cosiness on and around the dining table. 
The special thing about grilling with the Shichirin is the cosy sitting together around the fire. Comparable to gourmets, the delicious food is presented on the table in small portions. You will search in vain for the grill master who is in charge. When using a Japanese bbq grill, friends and family take place around the grill. Everyone prepares his or her own food as desired on the Japanese konro grill. 
The Shichirin table bbq is made of ceramic with quartz, cordierite and fired at high temperature. This makes this Shichirin a real powerhouse. The Japanese konro grill is easy to clean because of the glazed exterior. The appliance can only be used outdoors with briquettes, self-igniting briquettes or charcoal. The Japanese use binchotan charcoal, the black gold of Japan, which enables extremely high temperatures to be reached. A real Japanese table grill reaches a temperature of 900+ degrees.

Are you ready to grill real Japanese on the Shichirin bbq? YAKINIKU has both a round and rectangular Shichirin.

Japanese grill | History
The influence of Japan is an integral part of our post-war gastronomic history. And the YAKINIKU Shichirin is also inspired by Japan. But what is it with Japan? Time and again, Japan confirms its status as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Japan is a high culture. For more than 2500 years an empire with a central government and a central organisation. Moreover, Japan closed itself off from the outside world for centuries. As a result, it has created a world all of its own. Japan is a country in stark contrast to us. People in today’s Japan find the focus and dedication to spend 20 years or more specialising in something. There is the opportunity to perfect, to become a shokunin. And that is what we at YAKINIKU usually admire so much about Japan. We know the Shichirin table barbecue from the history of Japan’s Edo period in 1603. Shichirin is a compound word that simply means ‘7 wheels’ or ‘7 rings’. It has to do with the fact that during the Edo period, the rin (from the end of the word Shichirin) was a currency. During this period, these konro grills became very popular and were used daily as kitchen appliances. At first, the use of this grill was reserved for the Samurai, people of nobility and the wealthier citizens. Later, this changed and the Japanese grill was used by all sections of society. The versatile Japanese charcoal grill was widely used on festive occasions such as outdoor folk festivals, even in the cold season. A classic Japanese autumn dish is Pacific Jackfish, for example. But the Japanese table grill is also used to this day at tea ceremonies, which are very popular in Japan.
In the past, most Japanese grills were made of river clay.

Nowadays, the composition is slightly more complex. A Shichirin bbq has to be more and more a powerhouse nowadays. For this reason, the konro grill is made of ceramic, quartz and cordierite. This composition is baked at a very high temperature. After this, it becomes a complete kitchen-in-one and virtually indestructible. The Japanese bbq grill has a glazed layer so it is easy to maintain. By adjusting the ventilation slides, you create the perfect air circulation. The Japanese charcoal grill is also perfect for use in the winter. The glazed ceramic also protects against rain and snow and is perfectly weatherproof. Please note that the konro grill is open at the top. So for use in times of rain and winter weather, it is wise to do this under a roof in the garden.

Inspired by the history of the Shichirin? Check out the round and the rectangular Japanese grill.

Shichirin | Accessories

For the YAKINIKU Japanese grill, we offer essential accessories that help you grill truly Japanese on the Shichirin.

Japanese grill | Tweezers
The straight tweezers are used in Japanese tradition to place raw meat on the Japanese grill. The tweezers are very suitable for placing small ingredients on the Shichirin. The tweezer can also be used as BBQ tongs for the Kamado. Curved tweezers are used according to Japanese tradition. You use them to remove cooked meat, fish or vegetables from the konro grill. These tweezers are very suitable for small ingredients on the Shichirin. The tweezer can also be used as BBQ tongs for the Kamado. 

To prevent cross contamination, use two different variants of the tweezers. The straight tweezer is used for the raw ingredients on the Japanese grill. The curved tweezer is used to remove the grilled ingredients from the grill. Both tweezers are made of extra strong stainless steel material.

Japanese grill | BBQ skewers
These BBQ skewers from YAKINIKU for the Japanese bbq grill in stainless steel are ultra-thin. With these skewers you can carefully thread fish, meat or vegetables. This keeps your ingredients for your konro grill intact. You can use these skewers perfectly on the Shichirin. The skewers come with a luxury storage case in stainless steel. If you are a fan of Yakitori, these skewers are ideal. Be sure to use them in combination with the rectangular Shichirin and the Yakinitori bars. These BBQ skewers are available in different thicknesses: 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.5 mm.

Ready to thread your ingredients onto skewers with perfection. View the assortment in BBQ skewers here.