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About us

Wholesale of innovative and distinctive goods.

Edelgran OÜ is an Estonian wholesale what was founded in 2013. Over the years, our main field of activity has become the wholesale of decorative stones, grills and grilling accessories.

In our product range you will find also a wide range of traditional and quick attachment Christmas tree stands and Christmas items.

Our motto is to offer interesting products and at the same time offering comfort to the customers by having wide selection of goods in every product group.

  • In 2013 Edelgran was founded as Christmas tree retail company.
  • In 2014 we expanded our product selection and started selling fast-attach Christmas tree stands which we also started to sell as a wholesale products. We were the fist supplier in our region to offer fast-attach tree stands. Which ease of you we wanted introduce to our market.
  • In 2016, we added decorative stones to our assortment. The reason was personal need, because the Estonian assortment at that time was far from sufficient. We wanted to offer something that the market was missing.
  • A year later (2017), ceramic grills and accessories were added. We saw the great benefits of the ceramic grill for barbecue fans, there was a desire to bring the product to customers at an affordable price point. As a year later the market was filled with many different ceramic grill dealers we saw the need to develop our own product. Continuous development led to the registration of our own brand Dreamfire®. In the choice of the brand name an international jury participated, Dreamfire® homapage was created
  • Since 2020, we have concluded representation rights with different brands, and continue to offer an attractive choice.

Our team includes ardent barbecue fans, including repeatedly awarded barbecue cooks. Our grilling products are carefully developed based on the personal and professional needs.

Most of our team members home gardens are decorated with decorative stones. Because we know that the use of stones is essentially maintenance-free and at the same time eye-pleasing.

During Christmas time of course we use our Edelgran tree stands for our Christmas trees at home, which installing takes only few seconds.

Customer is like a fiend to us, we share personal contacts, we help and advise whenever possible. Customer satisfaction and happiness are really important to us!