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Grills & Grilling accessories

Edelgran OÜ has the biggest variety of Kamado grills. The biggest brand what we are selling is Dreamfire. At the moment we have 8 models and lots of different tools and spares to offer. Dreamfire Kamado grills are designed in Estonia by local BBQ fans to another BBQ fan. They are made to make grilling easy and fun despite the climate.

We are just not selling you a grill. We train your team, so they can be stronger and more educated to sell Kamados. It makes it easier for seller to sell our grills and buyers can trust the seller. Whit this we are creating value for both parties. As of today, we have been doing trainings around Estonia, starting with big store chains to local cafeterias who uses our products.

Our strongest part is warranty and good stock. For us client always comes first. We have big warehouse therefore we have most of the parts always in stock, waiting times are short. In addition we have lots of tools and gadgets for making BBQ more professional and fun.

Big part of our sells go to charcoal. Dreamfire alder and oak charcoal are well known in BBQ world and feedback from users is good. It is 100% natural, big lump and burns long time. Lots of restaurants are using Dreamfire charcoal and we have it always in stock always.  Pick your favorite charcoal from Edelgran.

And it is not only Kamado grills that Edelgran sells. We also have a good selection of world famous pellet grills – Z Grill. On the top of that, outside fireplaces. When it comes to smoked products, either hot smoked or cold smoked. We have one of the biggest selection smoked products. We offers many different types of wood chunks, dust, planks and chips.

When you want to buy a grill, but you are not sure, which kind of is best for you, contact us and we will find you a best solution together.  

Want to have a store, where customers can buy high that quality grills with reasonable price, Edelgran is your choice!

More about brands and products:


Dreamfire Kamado grills are designed From a BBQ fans to other BBQ fans. Designed in Estonia. All kamados are made to make your life easy and grilling enjoyable. Extra thick ceramic body, specially designed top vents and outside ceramic. Many colors. stainless steel carts and fully thought thru cooking systems. This is Dreamfire!

Dreamfire grills have won lots of BBQ events and become a known strong brand.

Z Grills

Z Grills are known in the world, and they give you smell of the natural wood and easy cooking like gas grills. Pellet grills are comfort and speed combined in a strong body. Find yourself a product, start your grill and let all the work be done by pellets and heat.

Wood products for smoked and cold smoked foods.

Edelgran has one of the biggest list of different wood products for smoking. You will find a common alder, hickory, oak, and apple smoking blocks and also more exotic avocado, almond or lemon smoking blocks.. As it comes to cold smoking, we have lots of flavors and generator to do all that. Special group is grilling planks and we offer a cedar, alder, and different barrel planks.