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Edelgran has operated since 2013 bringing to customers well-known brands, wide and innovative product range. In addition to everyday wholesale, over the years has Edelgran developed its own branded products- which mainly includes two product groups of decorative stones and Christmas tree stands.

Decorative stones are one of our strongest field. On the market we are well-know for our wide selection and large stock. We have about 100 different types of decorative stones, rushed glass, as well different steps and boulders. Our product rage is constantly updated bringing new products to market. One of our advantages is wide rage of packaging types. We offer possibility to buy decorative stones in smaller quantities up to large wholesale quantities.

One of the first thing Edelgran stated selling was Christmas tree stands . In 2013 Edelgran was founded and started selling Christmas trees, quick year later in 2014 Christmas tree stands were added to product rage. We have been selling Christmas tree stands since 2014 and around 100 different types of tree stands have been in our product range. Therefore we know the market, what products are good and meet customer´s needs. As of today we have about 10 traditional and fast-attach Edelgarn branded Christmas tree stands. Each of our tree stand is with different style to meet different need of customers. In our selection you will find suitable leg for almost every Christmas tree height, in addition we use different materials (wood, metal, plastic), and tree stands with smaller or larger water capacity.