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Let`s cook together!

The Dreamfire ceramic grill has everything you need to prepare delicious food. Dreamfire grill is not just a grill in your home, but a multifunctional outdoor kitchen in one grill. Combining the art of baking ancient pottery with modern techniques, you can be sure that every meal will be perfect and full of taste.

Production of Dreamfire ceramic grills started in 2018. The desire to create a multifunctional grill with which cooking will delight both the experienced griller and the beginner. Dreamfire grills are designed in Estonia and stand out for their wide range of colors. Also, every detail is well thought out for the best result. We offer a wide range of accessories and spare parts for grills, so that we always pass without obstacles and the result is the best.

Thanks to high-quality ceramics and firepower, the Dreamfire ceramic grill can be used to make everything you can imagine.

From classic poultry and pork to beef and lamb. With the ceramic grill you can prepare mouth-watering juices with an ideal crispy crust. You can also prepare smoked meats, hams and, of course, BBQ cuts. Grill beef quickly or smoked pork, with the Dreamfire grill you get it all.

Bake a variety of vegetable delicacies, both in large pieces and in a wok, using a variety of Dreamfire accessories (wok pan, vegetable basket, baking mat, etc.) The result will always be the best.

Making pizzas on Dreamfire grills is a breeze, our selection includes a variety of pizza stones, a pizza shovel and a cutter. Thanks to the good heat resistance of the Dreamfire grill, you can make a seal just like in a restaurant.

Want to bake desserts, please- Dremafire grills are the best. Use our wide selection of suitable cast iron dishes and a wonderful dessert will be prepared on your grill. Cheesecake, baked apple, grilled banana and many other delicious desserts can be baked on the Dreamfire grill.