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Decorative Stones & Landscaping Products

We have more than 6 years of experience in wholesale and project sales of landscaping and decorative stone products. In addition to supplying materials we can help you find a suitable architect or contractor.

Decorative stones

We are one of the largest decorative stone sellers in the region. In our selection you can find about 100 different decorative stones ang crushed glasses, as well different stone steps, and boulders. Every year we Update the assortment and bring new and modern product to the market.

We pack stones on the spot in our warehouse therefore we can offer different type of packaging as required. Most common type of packaging:

  • Bigbag 1000kg 
  • Bigbag 500kg  
  • Retail packaging 20 kg  
  • Retail packaging 8kg 
  • Hanging mini-package approx 0,5kg 
  • Products by kg


As an innovation, we also offer various gabion products to the local market. Gabion products mean weatherproof 3D shapes that are welded together from wire and hold decorative stones together in a beautiful shape.

Gabions are available in cuboid, cubes, cylinders and special shapes. We also offer gabions for gardens and building elements for facade.

Main gabion products 

  • Landscape – cuboid and cubes.
  • Flower pots – different shapes
  • Plant breeding grounds – different shapes and cuboids
  • Fence posts – rectangles and cylinders
  • Fences
  • Facade covers
  • Special products such as outdoor fireplaces and street benches

Landscaping products

For garden and landscape construction we have various selection following wholesale products:

  • Lawn edging
  • Grass/gravel grids
  • Rubber mats for playgrounds and balconies
  • Geotextiles
  • Post legs for smaller buildings
  • ETC.

Kontakteeru otse tootejuhiga: + 372 53 269 289